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                           Global Systems for Mobile Communications

GSM is used not only for communication but also for call management in telecommunication field. It is used as a wireless communication which is suitable for mobile communication, in DATA Card for wireless internet connection. GSM has different types of speed, which are divided as a 1G, 2G, 3G & 4G. A large amount of data can be transferred through the GSM due to its TDMA & FDMA access. GSM Technique is also used as a security system in any particular area which gives an alert sms when any unsecured event occurs (traffic security, alarm systems) also in indicators which gives an alarm, when any condition is matched.

  • Introduction and history
  • GSM working - switching system of GSM architecture
  • GSM architecture - base station subsystem
  • GSM technology
  • What is sim?
  • Teleservices or telephony services
  • GSM - security and encryption
  • Design check and tower strengthening services
  • Ranges for WCDMA


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